Sunday, November 6, 2011

Appraise this...

So I have my first public school appraisal tomorrow. That means the principal (or assistant principal) comes in and watches you teach a lesson. I've already had two walk-throughs where the principal comes in and just watches for about 5 minutes, and those went quite well. There are a bunch of other teachers at my grade level who FREAK out about appraisals. They make over-the-top, crazy involved lessons in an attempt to impress the principal with their educational prowess. And me? I'm not doing anything different. My lesson isn't going to be any different than it normally is.

Why should I put on a front for my principal? Why should an appraisal be any different than any other day? I don't want to tap dance and put on a big show for her - I want her to see me for the teacher I usually am and I want her to see the lessons I usually present. Doing otherwise would be misleading to her and to my students. I want them to act like they do every day. I want her to appraise me for who I am and what I normally do.

If it turns out that what I'm doing in the classroom isn't what Ms. Taylor wants to see, then I'll change my way of teaching. At least I won't be acting for her or doing things that I normally wouldn't do.