Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Opening Pandora('s Box)

I owe my co-worker the world. I asked her if she put on music for her kids during rest time and she said that she used Pandora radio. I, being the technologically retarded individual that I am, asked how she got that on her computer. She, being the patient kindergarten teacher that she is, explained that all I had to do was set up an account.

From that moment I opened Pandora's Box of musical goodies. (I know most of these things are probably "well, duh..." moments for most people.) I can type in an artist, or dare I say, composer, and a radio station is created based on that suggestion?? WHAT?!?!?!?!? My mind was blown. Seriously.

I have a few stations created for my classroom - They Might Be Giants for some educationally and musically stimulating tuneage. Irving Berlin because they enjoy "playing" along with "Alexander's Ragtime Band." Beethoven because of the well-known statement that playing classical can enhance intelligence (and truth by told, my students need all the help they can get right now). Grieg because he's my favorite composer and some of his stuff is delightfully weird, as are my kindergarteners - it fits. And some Rockabye Baby because I enjoy listening to Journey, Aerosmith, Green Day, and U2 masked as lullabies during naptime.

Most of all, I'm enjoying listening to some pieces I've probably never heard before. I love classical music for all the intricacies and simplicity. So, Pandora Radio, and most importantly Miss Clarkson, thank you for reigniting my need for music in my life. (P.S. - Beethoven's Sonata for Cello and Piano in A Major, Opus 69, II and Chopin's Fantasy - Impromptu in C Sharp Minor, Opus 66 - my new faves.)

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